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  • 07 Dec, 2017

There’s power in a name ...and a name in power

Many people have remarked on the name of our company – Zeroth Energy . It seems it’s a name that very few forget and many think of as being strong and meaningful. Well there was quite a lot behind why it was chosen and the meanings it contains in relation to our industry.

Company names have always fascinated me and so I looked into why and how some of the great corporate names have been created. Not everyone hit it first time though. Many company names have been changed as the company progressed, like Xerox who was originally ‘the Halloid Company’ and LG who originated from ‘Lucky and Goldstar Co.’ So it’s never too late to change. If you are looking for a name for a new business or a stronger name for your own company, perhaps you will find this article on ‘ There’s power in a name ...and a name in power’ helpful.

What make a powerful name?

There are a few ‘must do’s when choosing a good name, unless you’re fixed on a family name or something that contains only people’s names, like that of a legal partnership. If you want something catchy, noticeable, memorable, or powerful - then try to remember these key factors about great names when choosing your own...

·       Keep it shortApple, Nike, Amazon  – what do they have in common? ...they’re short and sweet. One-word options always have impact, so brevity is an immediate consideration.

·       They make you think  – Google  and Firefox are just 2 examples of names that make you wonder about their origins. Google  is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros (the amount of searches that the originators believed their search engine could achieve) and Firefox  relates to ‘firewalls’ on the internet. They are fascinating, functional names.

·       They’re memorable – Who can forget Apple, Amazon   or Lego ? They are great names, if for no other reason than that you remember them, regardless of whether you hear them a lot ...or not!

·       They’re quirky – Twitter, Facebook, Virgin and once again Google make you smile a little ...and that in itself is memorable, so a nice quirky name is also good. If it also happens to be short, memorable and makes you think - you’re probably on to a winner.

·       They stick – There is one more ‘acid test’ you need to do though before you have decided on your winner – make sure it sticks! Choose a few possibilities when deciding on names and give it a week or two to make a final decision. Which is the one that stuck with you, or your research group? That’s the one you want. That means it’s not only memorable, but probably has a few other key factors going for it too.

A few great names that stuck

Over the years there have been a few good names that have stuck and interesting stories behind their origins:

Yahoo  was the name of the filthy, repulsive creatures found in the book Gulliver’s travels . Yahoo’s founders fancied it as a name for their now famous mail carrier.

Coca leaves and Kola nuts were ingredients of the now iconic Coca-Cola . Founder John S.Pemberton preferred the flow of 2 ‘C’s, so changed Kola to Cola.

Apple’s  founders thought of Apple as the Biblical ‘fruit of creation’ and how it related to their fruit of creation of new technology. After taking a bite of an apple, they also got the connection between that and computer ‘bites.’

Many come from words of foreign languages and changes of spelling - like the Danish words Leg Godt  mean ‘play well’ and became Lego – ‘People’s car ‘ is an English translation of ‘Volkswagen’ later abbreviated to VW – and Reebok is just a different spelling of Rhebok  , the African antelope.

A powerful name about energy

Yes there is power in a name – so what were we to call a company that would be all about power ...and energy? A cheaper cleaner energy company that has revolutionized the industry by offering Solar Rental, thereby giving people an affordable way to switch from fossil fuel energy to pure energy generated by the sun?

The dictionary definition of the word Zeroth is ‘coming in a series before the first – the Zeroth level of energy,’ so ‘first’ and ‘energy’ are prevalent. The ‘O’ in Zeroth represents many things to us, apart from obviously being depicted as the sun in our logo (The sun is the sole source of solar energy and therefore the life blood of our business) it is also a full circle that represents our 4 dimensional world.

So, Zeroth Energy originates from the 4 dimensional platforms of energy. The Zeroth dimension of energy is the starting point of energy, which in our world is the Sun. The first dimension is the dimension where energy flows from the sun towards the earth. The second dimension is where our thinking works …and in the way energy flows through our body via blood and through plants via glucose etc… We ourselves are three dimensional beings living in a four Dimensional environment.

Finally, the ZERO in Zeroth fully represents our unique Solar Rental  product offering – which when switching to Solar Energy promises:


Engage with me here, or contact us  to find out more about how the powerful name  you have now chosen can engage with our name in power  to significantly improve your bottom line -and be associated with the preservation of our planet!

By Zeroth Energy 12 Dec, 2017
Here's how a solar  energy system works . Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity. The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity. The electrical panel sends power to your lights and appliances.
By Zeroth Energy 07 Dec, 2017

Many people have remarked on the name of our company – Zeroth Energy . It seems it’s a name that very few forget and many think of as being strong and meaningful. Well there was quite a lot behind why it was chosen and the meanings it contains in relation to our industry.

Company names have always fascinated me and so I looked into why and how some of the great corporate names have been created. Not everyone hit it first time though. Many company names have been changed as the company progressed, like Xerox who was originally ‘the Halloid Company’ and LG who originated from ‘Lucky and Goldstar Co.’ So it’s never too late to change. If you are looking for a name for a new business or a stronger name for your own company, perhaps you will find this article on ‘ There’s power in a name ...and a name in power’ helpful.

By Zeroth Energy 07 Dec, 2017

I doubt that I need to explain the numerous benefits of ‘going solar’, but through answering the question, we will touch on some of them. Suffice to say, in a country where electricity is becoming a rapidly more expensive luxury commodity ...and in a World where pollutants generated by the current sources of electricity mean we are fighting for the survival of the planet, embracing clean solar energy generated purely by the rays of the sun, is no longer an option but an absolute necessity.

“Easy to say”, I hear you retort, “but the purchase and maintence cost of solar systems is prohibitive, especially to my business which requires a substantial outlay to cover or even reduce our energy costs.” I hear you and empathise ...and my passion and absolute commitment to saving this planet, is exactly why I sort a solution.

The answer is in the rental of solar energy as opposed to the outright purchase of it

Through a lot of analysis, negotiation with appropriate partners and the development of a system that methodically removes all and any obstacles to obtaining solar energy, my company Zeroth energy offers a rental solution that makes it possible (actually even easy) for every company or individual to install, maintain and have the benefits of solar energy. So exactly how do we do it?

·      We fully install and pay for the system, so there are no upfront costs to our clients

·      Your system is fully insured and any damages that occur during installation and for the course of the whole rental are for our account. Clients bear no risk.

·      We cover the maintenance of the system for the full contract – a factor that puts off many going the purchase route.

·      We execute all repairs when required …another significant cost saving.

·      We monitor the system – this needs to be done and again is for our account.

·      Power is guaranteed for the full period of the contract, unlike in a purchase situation where if one panel is faulty, your power output may be compromised

Do I ever own the system?

The really good news is - yes you do! After the rental period of 7 to 10 years you own the system outright …and more good news is that my company Zeroth Energy only use Tier 1 Solar Panels with a 25 year power linear warranty. This means after 25 years they still make 80% of the electricity they do today … that’s only  a 0.7% degrading per year and no other product degrades that slowly, making it the best in the world.

The bottom line is, after 10 years, when your lease expires, you still have 15 years left on this guarantee!

A few good reasons to talk to Zeroth right now

1)    Your savings as a renter are from the first day, as opposed to purchasers who have to wait 5 to 8 years for a return on their investment and before they start saving on costs

2)    No deposit is required

3)    It is an ‘operational expender’ (OPEX) so you can claim back tax on your rental and the rental is off balance sheet

As always, I hope this information has been useful to you and encourage you to contact us , or chat to me through this medium to share my passion for seeking Solar energy solutions!

By Zeroth Energy 12 Nov, 2017
Here is an easy to understand infographic on the superior quality solar panels our partners use.
By Zeroth Energy 23 Oct, 2017
Look out for the October 2017 edition of Fast Company Magazine with a special Q&A with Zeroth Founder and CEO, JaCo Venter.
By Zeroth Energy 14 Aug, 2017
The convenience of using the Zeroth service, and becoming more energy efficient. Read all about it in this feature article in Simply Green -   Becoming more energy efficient the Zeroth way
By Zeroth Energy 26 Jun, 2017

Ok so you hear a lot about the Sun being bad for you, sun blisters, sun burn and worst of all skin cancer are all said to be a result of over exposure to the sun, but let’s remember that over exposure to anything doesn’t do you any good ...and there a lot of good reason and scientific evidence to suggest that people who are more exposed to the sun than those who aren’t, are generally happier and healthier. Experiencing 54% of the World’s sunshine, it is little wonder that Africans, in spite of the challenges they face, still smile a lot! So let’s look at a few good reasons why Sunshine people are happy people...

It helps with skin conditions and your immunity – Despite over exposure being bad for your skin, exposure to reasonable amounts of sunlight (or even plenty providing sunscreen is worn) can be beneficial and actually help prevent skin problems like psoriasis, acne and eczema. Sunshine also helps promote your white blood cells, improving immunity and your ability to fight infection.

It’s the best source of vitamin D – Vitamin D is extremely difficult to source from foodstuffs alone, but even minimal time spent with a small part of the body being exposed to sunlight can give the body its healthy ‘daily dose.’ What does vitamin D do for us? - It is essential for calcium absorption, healthy bones and protection against chronic diseases like osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many common cancers in later life.

It elevates your mood – Obviously healthier people are happier people, but putting that aside, let’s get directly to why sunshine people are happy people – Well, research shows that it lifts your mood and has a beneficial emotional effect. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes said to be ‘the winter blues’ is a depression specifically caused by lack of sunlight. Just an hour's walk in the morning during autumn and winter months, or 15 minutes a day in sunshine in the summer, can completely prevent this. Sunshine boosts your levels of Serotonin, known as the body’s happy hormone! So you’re not imagining it -you really are more cheerful when exposed to more sunshine! More endorphins are created when exercising outdoors than in, actually elevating your energy levels too.

The Sun has created Solar Energy – Apart from the energy in the body that sunshine creates, the Sun is also the sole source of Solar Energy, something that has made many people who have had the wisdom to use it very happy. It is cleaner than the dirty fossil fuels used to create electricity and so is far more environmentally friendly – something that makes most people happy nowadays ...and best of all, Solar Rental has enabled businesses, schools and Sectional title complexes, without any capital outlay, to make massive savings on their energy bills, improving their bottom line and helping them to grow. That’s enough to make anyone smile and why sunshine people are happy people ! Contact us to find out more about the many benefits of Solar Energy.

By Zeroth Energy 14 Jun, 2017

Sadly, we South Africans live in a country where electricity tariffs have risen a massive 400% in less than ten years since 2008! We just ‘bite the bullet’ (as we do with so many of the other unjust things we face) and pay up, but should we? - Or more to the point do we need to? From time to time we also face ‘load shedding’ where electricity is not even an available resource for as long as ESKOM choose to withhold it. Little wonder that many more people are looking for a cheaper, more reliable alternative and the surprising thing is that there is just such an alternative which is often ignored – its Solar Energy .

For the average residential consumer it may be a costly alternative, because to the individual home-owner the purchase, installation and maintenance costs can be quite steep. However, South Africa have nearly 2 million residential Sectional Title homes, for whom this is an absolutely viable proposition, because a number of individuals can benefit from one system and thanks to innovative, far thinking Solar Energy companies, like South Africa’s Zeroth Energy , a Solar Rental option is now available to sectional title complexes, making the switch both cost free and seamless. So, as a body corporate or resident of just such a housing complex, read on to learn about 4 great benefits of alternate energy for Sectional title complexes:

  1. Raising funds is not an issue – With just about anything else that a Body corporate needs to introduce to a complex, funds need to be raised and this cost burden usually ultimately falls to the residents. With Solar Rental however, there is no set up cost. A good Solar Rental company will meet with the body corporate and have a meeting with residents to explain the benefits and the set up process, so that everyone is happy prior to installation.
  2. Levies don’t go up – Because installation of your complex’s own Solar ‘power station’ is free and both on-going maintenance and monitoring of the system is included with the rental, there are no additional costs to add to residents levies. This is a good long term investment that actually adds to the value of properties in the complex and costs residents nothing!
  3. The Body corporate saves money to effect improvements – The savings on electricity when Solar Energy is coupled with the grid are immediate with Solar Rental ...and substantial. Anything from 5% to a whopping 25% recorded in some cases can be saved on bills that sometimes exceed R1m a year ...and this saving goes directly to the body corporate, which pays the energy costs. Think of what this can mean to the complex! A new swimming pool, better gardens, new communal areas or of course general maintenance. In a complex that doesn’t need much improvement it could even mean a lowering of levies!
  4. Cleaner, better living – For some this is the greatest benefit of all. For your children to live in a less polluted area, or at least know they are contributing to a greener planet, something kids today are far more aware of than ever before. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that instead of contributing to the extortion of the national grid, the same money has done something to improve our country and standard of living!

If these 4 great benefits of alternate energy for Sectional Title complexes have convinced you, then have a word with your body corporate and make contact with a reputable Solar Rental company today to start executing meaningful change!

By Zeroth Energy 12 Jun, 2017
Q&A WITH SIMPLY GREEN CLICK HERE TO READ - explains how Zeroth benefits businesses in Africa. Including a closer look at schools.
By Zeroth Energy 07 Jun, 2017

Much has been written and spoken about with regard to Solar Energy and the shift from traditional electricity supply to the cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy sourced from the rays of the Sun. Most businesses and educational institutions are aware of the advantages from an environmental impact view point, but still resist the shift due to a few common myths about Solar Energy as an alternative. We say ‘myths’, because that’s exactly what they are and hopefully this article will see 5 common Solar Energy myths dispelled for good!

Myth 1 – It doesn’t work if the Sun doesn’t shine – Wrong! Even some of the Worlds coldest countries, with the least sun shine, can and successfully do use Solar Energy in combination with the normal supply from the national grid – just as it is supplied even here in RSA with our great sunny climate. For one thing, Solar works off UV rays and still works through cloud … just a little less effectively than in full sunshine.  

Myth 2 – It doesn’t work properly and can’t keep up with the load – Wrong again ! This has pretty much been dispelled in the paragraph before. The point is that whenever there is insufficient sunshine the normal national grid supply takes over, so the load is always sufficient. You still pay ESKOM, but the saving in energy costs is still massive! To say it doesn’t work is absurd and hundreds thousands of businesses Worldwide can attest to its efficacy and reliability. See this case study as just one example.

Myth 3 – It’s too expensive for the average business to install – This may have been a plausible myth in days gone by, but now with the advent of Solar Rental, it is very wrong! Renting Solar Energy completely eliminates the cost of set-up, which is carried out for free by professional installation experts. Not only does Solar Energy not cost you, but you start to save on energy costs from day one!

Myth 4 – It’s expensive to maintain and has a limited lifespan – This is possibly right if you purchased poor equipment at the outset from a fly by night dealer. If you purchase or rent from a reputable solar Energy supplier it’s once again absolutely wrong! Only grade ‘A’ materials are supplied – panels that have a 25 year warranty and are still producing 80% of energy output at that time. With a good Solar Rental contract, maintenance and monitoring is also cost free and after 10 years the power station belongs to you!

Myth 5 – Solar panels are ugly and will deplete the value of our property – This is so out-dated and so wrong that one would have to wonder where the purveyor of this myth has been hiding! Modern solar panels are sleek and beautiful to look at. A solar power station adds an element of prestige and tells your neighbouring businesses that you are caring of the environment and astute enough to have made the right decision to save energy costs and improve your bottom line. Any future purchaser will also understand the value of the installation, so the value of your property is actually enhanced by the addition of the Solar power station .  

As a business owner, school Principle or body corporate for a sectional title housing complex, if you have had these 5 common Solar Energy myths dispelled for good then don’t hesitate to start saving money and do the right thing today – Make the switch to Solar Energy!

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