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  • 10 Apr, 2017

Why your business can’t afford not to rent Solar Energy

With global warming, environmental issues and the preservation of the planet being so front of mind nowadays, many people realise that solar energy is a safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly way to produce electricity, but most companies have still been dissuaded from making the switch purely for affordability reasons. Now with Solar Energy being made available as a rental option, initial set up, maintenance and monitoring costs have all been eliminated and so the question that companies always used to ask “‘How can I as a medium sized business afford to switch to Solar Energy?” is answered in this article which gives a few strong reasons for ‘why your business can’t afford NOT to rent Solar Energy!”  

  1. Your opposition could sink you if they do it first! –   Let’s take a hypothetical scenario of say you are one of two medium to large catering businesses, both of which would, by the very nature of their businesses, be facing a heavy monthly electricity bill as one of their biggest overheads. Your business decides the Solar Energy route is just too much cost and time and you worry that the sun doesn’t shine all the time, so you decide to give it a miss. Your opposition realise that through Solar Rental with a reputable   Solar Rental company   they don’t need money or their time to initiate or maintain the switch to Solar, they will remain on the grid and therefore always have electricity and they will definitely save on monthly electricity bills they go for it. The result... You, with your rapidly increasing electricity bills as set out by the national supplier ESKOM, continue to pay your hard earned money over to them, earn less each year and have to start cutting advertising, staff and compromise on the quality of your supplies, thereby continuing on an inevitable downward spiral. Your opposition on the other hand, who because they have saved from day 1 of their rental, have now saved literally hundreds of thousands of Rands and have gone in exactly the opposite direction. They have increased and improved their staff and pay them better, spend more on marketing their new ranges of vastly improved product due to having the capital to buy better quality and expand. Their happy employees give better service ...and best of all, feel great about working for a company with a social conscience and a cleaner greener image!
  2. Greener means keener customers . ..talking of which, this cleaner, greener image does not just earn you ‘bunny hugger’ points! Companies seen to be serious about producing a better working environment and contributing to the preservation of the planet generate a good public image, endearing many of the new generation of environmentally aware public to them. This, in financial terms, also means more customers and better business.
  3. Make a great investment . ...You have a need for and pay for electricity anyway, the Sun shines on your roof anyway, why not be keeping your hard earned money to yourself and putting a power station on your roof generated by the Sun’s rays? A good Solar Rental company like   Zeroth Energy   ensures that at the end of the rental period you own the system and therefore you have also made a great investment by improving the value of your property!

With Solar Rental being an easy, affordable, money saving option,   your business can’t afford not to rent Solar Energy .   Contact the experts   to get switched now ....time is running out for the planet ...and potentially your business!

By Zeroth Energy 12 Nov, 2017
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By Zeroth Energy 23 Oct, 2017
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By Zeroth Energy 14 Aug, 2017
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By Zeroth Energy 26 Jun, 2017

Ok so you hear a lot about the Sun being bad for you, sun blisters, sun burn and worst of all skin cancer are all said to be a result of over exposure to the sun, but let’s remember that over exposure to anything doesn’t do you any good ...and there a lot of good reason and scientific evidence to suggest that people who are more exposed to the sun than those who aren’t, are generally happier and healthier. Experiencing 54% of the World’s sunshine, it is little wonder that Africans, in spite of the challenges they face, still smile a lot! So let’s look at a few good reasons why Sunshine people are happy people...

It helps with skin conditions and your immunity – Despite over exposure being bad for your skin, exposure to reasonable amounts of sunlight (or even plenty providing sunscreen is worn) can be beneficial and actually help prevent skin problems like psoriasis, acne and eczema. Sunshine also helps promote your white blood cells, improving immunity and your ability to fight infection.

It’s the best source of vitamin D – Vitamin D is extremely difficult to source from foodstuffs alone, but even minimal time spent with a small part of the body being exposed to sunlight can give the body its healthy ‘daily dose.’ What does vitamin D do for us? - It is essential for calcium absorption, healthy bones and protection against chronic diseases like osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, multiple sclerosis and many common cancers in later life.

It elevates your mood – Obviously healthier people are happier people, but putting that aside, let’s get directly to why sunshine people are happy people – Well, research shows that it lifts your mood and has a beneficial emotional effect. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), sometimes said to be ‘the winter blues’ is a depression specifically caused by lack of sunlight. Just an hour's walk in the morning during autumn and winter months, or 15 minutes a day in sunshine in the summer, can completely prevent this. Sunshine boosts your levels of Serotonin, known as the body’s happy hormone! So you’re not imagining it -you really are more cheerful when exposed to more sunshine! More endorphins are created when exercising outdoors than in, actually elevating your energy levels too.

The Sun has created Solar Energy – Apart from the energy in the body that sunshine creates, the Sun is also the sole source of Solar Energy, something that has made many people who have had the wisdom to use it very happy. It is cleaner than the dirty fossil fuels used to create electricity and so is far more environmentally friendly – something that makes most people happy nowadays ...and best of all, Solar Rental has enabled businesses, schools and Sectional title complexes, without any capital outlay, to make massive savings on their energy bills, improving their bottom line and helping them to grow. That’s enough to make anyone smile and why sunshine people are happy people ! Contact us to find out more about the many benefits of Solar Energy.

By Zeroth Energy 14 Jun, 2017

Sadly, we South Africans live in a country where electricity tariffs have risen a massive 400% in less than ten years since 2008! We just ‘bite the bullet’ (as we do with so many of the other unjust things we face) and pay up, but should we? - Or more to the point do we need to? From time to time we also face ‘load shedding’ where electricity is not even an available resource for as long as ESKOM choose to withhold it. Little wonder that many more people are looking for a cheaper, more reliable alternative and the surprising thing is that there is just such an alternative which is often ignored – its Solar Energy .

For the average residential consumer it may be a costly alternative, because to the individual home-owner the purchase, installation and maintenance costs can be quite steep. However, South Africa have nearly 2 million residential Sectional Title homes, for whom this is an absolutely viable proposition, because a number of individuals can benefit from one system and thanks to innovative, far thinking Solar Energy companies, like South Africa’s Zeroth Energy , a Solar Rental option is now available to sectional title complexes, making the switch both cost free and seamless. So, as a body corporate or resident of just such a housing complex, read on to learn about 4 great benefits of alternate energy for Sectional title complexes:

  1. Raising funds is not an issue – With just about anything else that a Body corporate needs to introduce to a complex, funds need to be raised and this cost burden usually ultimately falls to the residents. With Solar Rental however, there is no set up cost. A good Solar Rental company will meet with the body corporate and have a meeting with residents to explain the benefits and the set up process, so that everyone is happy prior to installation.
  2. Levies don’t go up – Because installation of your complex’s own Solar ‘power station’ is free and both on-going maintenance and monitoring of the system is included with the rental, there are no additional costs to add to residents levies. This is a good long term investment that actually adds to the value of properties in the complex and costs residents nothing!
  3. The Body corporate saves money to effect improvements – The savings on electricity when Solar Energy is coupled with the grid are immediate with Solar Rental ...and substantial. Anything from 5% to a whopping 25% recorded in some cases can be saved on bills that sometimes exceed R1m a year ...and this saving goes directly to the body corporate, which pays the energy costs. Think of what this can mean to the complex! A new swimming pool, better gardens, new communal areas or of course general maintenance. In a complex that doesn’t need much improvement it could even mean a lowering of levies!
  4. Cleaner, better living – For some this is the greatest benefit of all. For your children to live in a less polluted area, or at least know they are contributing to a greener planet, something kids today are far more aware of than ever before. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that instead of contributing to the extortion of the national grid, the same money has done something to improve our country and standard of living!

If these 4 great benefits of alternate energy for Sectional Title complexes have convinced you, then have a word with your body corporate and make contact with a reputable Solar Rental company today to start executing meaningful change!

By Zeroth Energy 12 Jun, 2017
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By Zeroth Energy 07 Jun, 2017

Much has been written and spoken about with regard to Solar Energy and the shift from traditional electricity supply to the cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy sourced from the rays of the Sun. Most businesses and educational institutions are aware of the advantages from an environmental impact view point, but still resist the shift due to a few common myths about Solar Energy as an alternative. We say ‘myths’, because that’s exactly what they are and hopefully this article will see 5 common Solar Energy myths dispelled for good!

Myth 1 – It doesn’t work if the Sun doesn’t shine – Wrong! Even some of the Worlds coldest countries, with the least sun shine, can and successfully do use Solar Energy in combination with the normal supply from the national grid – just as it is supplied even here in RSA with our great sunny climate. For one thing, Solar works off UV rays and still works through cloud … just a little less effectively than in full sunshine.  

Myth 2 – It doesn’t work properly and can’t keep up with the load – Wrong again ! This has pretty much been dispelled in the paragraph before. The point is that whenever there is insufficient sunshine the normal national grid supply takes over, so the load is always sufficient. You still pay ESKOM, but the saving in energy costs is still massive! To say it doesn’t work is absurd and hundreds thousands of businesses Worldwide can attest to its efficacy and reliability. See this case study as just one example.

Myth 3 – It’s too expensive for the average business to install – This may have been a plausible myth in days gone by, but now with the advent of Solar Rental, it is very wrong! Renting Solar Energy completely eliminates the cost of set-up, which is carried out for free by professional installation experts. Not only does Solar Energy not cost you, but you start to save on energy costs from day one!

Myth 4 – It’s expensive to maintain and has a limited lifespan – This is possibly right if you purchased poor equipment at the outset from a fly by night dealer. If you purchase or rent from a reputable solar Energy supplier it’s once again absolutely wrong! Only grade ‘A’ materials are supplied – panels that have a 25 year warranty and are still producing 80% of energy output at that time. With a good Solar Rental contract, maintenance and monitoring is also cost free and after 10 years the power station belongs to you!

Myth 5 – Solar panels are ugly and will deplete the value of our property – This is so out-dated and so wrong that one would have to wonder where the purveyor of this myth has been hiding! Modern solar panels are sleek and beautiful to look at. A solar power station adds an element of prestige and tells your neighbouring businesses that you are caring of the environment and astute enough to have made the right decision to save energy costs and improve your bottom line. Any future purchaser will also understand the value of the installation, so the value of your property is actually enhanced by the addition of the Solar power station .  

As a business owner, school Principle or body corporate for a sectional title housing complex, if you have had these 5 common Solar Energy myths dispelled for good then don’t hesitate to start saving money and do the right thing today – Make the switch to Solar Energy!

By Zeroth Energy 30 May, 2017

Schools, businesses and potential employers all need to look at what makes the current generation of learners tick. These are the graduates of the future.

Do you as a business(wo)man, wanting to market your products or services to these young adults, understand their thinking process and therefore their wants and needs? Do you as a prospective employer of young talent, seeking the ‘crème de la crème’ of the educational system, understand what sort of future they seek?

Will you, as a learning institution, experience that you have trained a learner who believes that they have had a good schooling experience? While they are still under your charge, you can make a difference and help to mould what tomorrow’s graduates will demand of their future.

While understanding the mindset of the ‘Millenials’ is still relevant... this is a whole new generation. Sometimes known as ‘generation Z’, they display 3 particularly strong tendencies. They do not like to be directly sold to, they are ambitious and generally more entrepreneurial, and they are very environmentally aware, to the point that they will demand a ‘greener’ future!

We need to be aware is that these young adults, as kids, have grown up immersed in technology. Social media is a powerful force in their daily lives. Besides much of their social contact happening online, they are also being made far more aware of, and learning about, World events than any other generation before them.

They don’t like to be directly sold to

Due to the amazing online shopping opportunities afforded them through the internet, even when they go into a shop they prefer not to be sold to. Sales people should remain at a distance, to be available only if needed. They would rather read the information about available products on an in-store console. Many shopkeepers have taken cognisance of this, offering them the option to buy ‘online’, even whilst still in the store!

They are ambitious and more entrepreneurial

Ambitious and acutely aware of unemployment issues, as well as understanding that they have a better chance of making big money by developing and marketing great ideas, they are generally more entrepreneurial. Good corporate bosses who understand the next generation realise this. Steve jobs said: "It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We hire smart people so that they can tell us what to do." He was creating a new culture of high performance ‘ intrapreneurs’ – employees who think like Entrepreneurs!

They will demand a greener future

Not only social media has made the next generation of graduates aware of the massive environmental problem facing our planet; they are living it! Global warming is, with every passing season, demonstrating its presence. This generation has been around for long enough to remember the warnings of recent years and seen that it is already a huge problem. Through social media they see the terrible pollution in places like Beijing. They’ve seen the destruction and damage caused by fossil fuels, used in traditional generation plants.

For older generations, projections of what will happen by the end of the century, 2100, is a concept. For the younger generation, it is a reality that they will have to live through as best they can.

Every learning institution needs to embark on environmental protection awareness programs and demonstrate, in whatever way they can, that they themselves are taking steps to make a difference – that the older generation really does care about the reality facing our children.

Just one way, would be the switch from the current destructive and expensive electricity supply offered by ESKOM, to Solar energy. Thanks to Solar Rental options, this is now affordable and available to all schools.

Hopefully, through this brief, basic understanding of what makes them tick, we as Businesspeople, Employees and Schools can contribute to and ultimately benefit from what tomorrow’s graduates will demand of their future.

By Zeroth Energy 30 May, 2017

At the outset, it should be said that many things can lead to more, and better, schools. In South Africa, education faces many challenges. Much has been said about some of the ways the education system is failing. Corruption amongst certain officials and departments has led to the under-supply of books, materials and even the building of new schools. These are all issues that Government schools face, but in this article we look at just one solution available to all schools. It could ultimately mean, not only the improvement of established schools, but even result in more schools being built: a switch to Solar Energy! Let’s take a look at why the adoption of Solar Energy can lead to more and better schools.

Massive energy cost savings = a better bottom line = better and more schools.

ESKOM and the municipalities are independent. At the current rate of inflation of traditional electricity supply, every school’s energy bill is exorbitant and increasing at an alarming rate (350% rate increase during the last decade). There is a serious shortage of schools – in the Gauteng province alone (focus-region of this article) there is no place for over 35,000 kids. Thus about 35 large schools need to be built to accommodate the shortfall.

Many school Principals and Government departmental heads have not been informed: with the installation of a Solar Energy power station, a school can be making immediate significant savings on energy costs from day one! “How is that possible” you say, “with the massive set-up costs, not to mention on-going maintenance and monitoring costs?”

Solar Rental as a solution

Solar Energy can now be gained via a rental option which eliminates the cost of installation, maintenance and monitoring. The savings on the school’s energy bill are immediate and make a big impact. The average spend on water and electricity in a government school is around R1 million per annum (Schools are only given enough by government to cover about 3 month’s worth). Given that there are 3,000 schools in the Gauteng province, if we put solar on every Gauteng school today, then we could save the Department of Education around R300m in energy costs! If a school costs R30m to construct, that could help to build 10 extra schools a year, without any more money being spent. It would have been spent on their Eskom bill anyway – it’s just a redistribution of funds!

Profitability means more

Schools are no different to any other business: when the product is improved and the bottom line of the business grows, it makes room for expansion. Apart from the fact that more schools could be built, existing schools would benefit in the form of more and improved:

  • Educational materials, like books and stationery
  • Equipment, like computers and sports supplies
  • Teachers, more highly trained and earning better salaries
  • Improvements to existing facilities, etc.

Additional benefits

  • Following on from the last point, a good Solar Rental company will offer a deal that ensures the School owns the solar plant outright at the end of the rental period, thereby making it a solid improvement to the building… and hence a good investment.
  • Besides that, by adopting Solar Energy, Government (or a private owner) displays the willingness to invest in the improvement of the planet and fight environmental degradation. This sets a good example for their learners and the public, alike.
  • Having solar on a school’s roof would also encourage the learners to look into a career within the renewable energy sector. Worldwide, the number of jobs in this field has increased by 10% per annum since 2010.

In summary

As a Government Educational departmental head or Principal of a private school, if this makes sense to you, contact a reputable Solar Energy provider for more detailed information on why the adoption of Solar Energy can lead to more and better schools.

By Zeroth Energy 21 May, 2017

The most commonly used form of energy, electricity, is at a premium and in South Africa in particular where the public and business are being held to ransom by the country’s prime energy source ESKOM, the price of this essential commodity could soon be well above the means of the average man and even force many SMEs out of business. It is of utmost importance therefore that our learning institutions of today are adequately preparing our business leaders of tomorrow well ...and so here are 3 good reasons schools should be teaching kids about alternate energy sources ...

  1. Environmental awareness and preservation are essential - Our younger generation are living through an environmental crisis, where global warming is real and tangible. Its effects are being felt and it’s all due to the use of fossil fuels that pollute our skies and chemicals that have depleted the ozone layer. Alternate sources of energy need to be explored and utilized wherever possible. Nuclear energy, already abused and destructive in the wrong hands is not a viable alternative, so more environmentally friendly sources such as Geothermal, Hydro-electric, Wind and Solar Energy are all good alternatives. All have their pros and cons, but the most popular and effective in a country where the Sun shines constantly is Solar.
  2. It may be a matter of survival – It is not an exaggeration to say that we are not only running out of fossil fuel resources on the planet, but when one considers that we in South Africa have had to face some 400% increase in ESKOM’s electricity tariffs in the last eight years, it is highly likely that this essential commodity will be something only very few individuals can afford and no small business will be able to factor into their budgets. Fortunately Solar Energy is already a viable and affordable alternative. The Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy in South Africa and it is useful for the younger generation to know that the previously prohibitive cost of installation and maintenance of a solar plant on your building has been eliminated by Solar Rental contracts. 
  3. It’s a matter of good economics – for the reasons stated above, there are sound financial reasons to switch to solar energy too and these principles need to be taught to our future Entrepreneurs and business leaders. Because Solar Energy can now be harnessed without initial installation, or on-going maintenance and monitoring costs, which are all included in the contract with a reputable Solar Rental agency like for example Zeroth Energy , the savings on energy costs are immediate and very significant. This means our budding Entrepreneurs know from day one they can be saving on what would be one of their biggest monthly outlays. Further to that, they will have a company who has made a good investment by adding value to their premises and enjoys a ‘green’ image, endearing them to many more customers who will respect their commitment to the preservation of the planet for all.


Perhaps, as you read this you are a decision maker in a school? If you agree with these 3 good reasons schools should be teaching kids about alternate energy sources why not set an example to your learners by ensuring your learning institution makes the switch to Solar Energy right away?

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